Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings vs Conventional Steel Buildings

June 13, 2019

When deciding on the type of metal building to use for your upcoming facility construction project, it can be useful to know all of the differences and benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings vs conventional steel buildings. At Ferro Building Systems, we offer a variety of pre-engineered building options that allow our clients to get exactly what they need out of a steel structure.

How to Choose Between a Pre-Engineered Steel Building or a Conventional Steel Building

It is important to know what kind of building best suits your needs before beginning to plan the construction of a steel structure in order to ensure that the end product better meets your needs. Some of the pros and cons of the two different types of buildings are as follows:

Conventional Steel Buildings

The main benefit of conventionally constructed metal buildings is their flexibility during the design phase and the ability to make changes at key points during construction as needs arise. If a structure requires a more complex design, it can be worthwhile to use conventional building methods; however, the design and construction for conventional steel buildings takes longer, is more expensive, and requires more maintenance and management than pre-engineered buildings.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Because pre-engineered buildings come completely pre-designed, pre-fabricated, and ready to construct, the time needed to prepare and construct the project is faster than any other method of building. Pre-engineered metal buildings also eliminate the need for a project architect or engineer since all of the planning and schematics have been taken care of already. This streamlined approach to the construction process makes this method of building faster, less expensive, and simpler.

Although pre-engineered buildings are easier and less expensive to build, they can also be less flexible in their design. For this reason, if you are looking to build a pre-engineered steel building, it is worth finding a company that offers a wide variety of options for building types, design features, and add-on structures.

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