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Equipment Needed to Erect a Steel Building

Pre-engineered metal buildings are incredibly useful in many applications due to their superior strength, versatility, and speed of construction. There is some basic equipment needed …

What are Pre-Engineered Buildings Used For?

There are many advantages to constructing a pre-engineered building; their durability, customizability, and price tag are all excellent selling features. One of the biggest benefits …

Ferro Metal Buildings logo

Introducing the New Ferro Brand

In the fall of 2014 the Ferro team recognized it was time to refresh its brand to better reflect how much we’ve achieved since our …

BCCSA COR Certified logo

COR Certification: Safety a Top Priority at Ferro

Ferro Building Systems Ltd. is currently working towards COR safety certification and hopes to have it in place by the end of this year. The …

50th Parallel Estate building

Thinking Outside the Tin Box

CAN YOU RECOGNIZE A METAL BUILDING FROM THE OUTSIDE? THINK AGAIN. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Or a building. Not these days. …

SS roofing

Standing Seam Roof Systems

Our clients often ask us about the difference between a standing seam roof system and a “through-fastened” also known as a “screw-down” roof system. Through-fastened …

Metal building standing up to winder conditions

Protect Your Roof Against Excessive Snowfall

For most, the winter means putting on a few extra pounds. Few ever escape the holiday feasts. Fewer still ever escape the holiday weight gain. …

Framework of metal building

Why Metal? Why not.

When you think of steel buildings, you probably think of, well, steel buildings. You think rigid lines. Bland. Cold. Basically, a warehouse. And you wouldn’t …

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