Maxime Spakowski

Business Development & Strategy

On the road to an MBA in Executive Management, Maxime initially wound up working with the RCMP on planning their national strategy for HR, training and leadership development. Which equipped her well for her role at Ferro, where she watches over internal and external operations as well as pursuing growth opportunities and ways to strengthen relationships with clients.

Maxime loves absorbing the many technical skills that allow Ferro to take on projects that push the ‘tin-box’ perceptions of metal buildings. She champions the values of two-way communication not only between company and client but also between co-workers. She believes this helps empower everyone to engage and influence change.

While her husband coaches both her boys’ hockey teams, Maxime straps on the pads and hits the ice with her women’s hockey team. Otherwise she’s putting back together whatever household appliance her mechanically-minded youngest son has taken apart.


Sample photo of MaximeSample photo of Maxime

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