Why Metal? Why not.

September 11, 2013

When you think of steel buildings, you probably think of, well, steel buildings. You think rigid lines. Bland. Cold. Basically, a warehouse.

And you wouldn’t be wrong. Steel buildings are used for warehouses. They do have rigid lines. We can discuss the “bland” comment later, that’s a little harsh, but we get it. That’s what you envision.

Today, however, steel buildings have evolved. Or, even better, have been redesigned. Metal buildings can now incorporate glass, wood, stucco, brick, stone, a nifty combination of any of them. You name it. Aesthetically, metal buildings can be dramatic, earthy, elegant, creative, and incorporate personality and visual design. In fact, you see steel and other metal buildings all the time without actually knowing it.

This is the new era of steel buildings: stylish, distinctive and still with all the advantages of being metal. And what are those advantages? Here are only a few:

Faster Construction
Cut weeks off your building construction time with a Ferro metal building. And saving time means saving money. So we’re two for two.

Lower Life-Cycle Costs
In so many ways, from the long endurance level of steel/metal to the durability to the faster construction to the superior paint warranties of pre-coated metal, metal buildings mean less cost over the lifetime of your structure.

Design Flexibility
Did we mention we’re pretty now? We’re pretty. A Ferro building can be designed to meet your specific needs, from future expansion plans to visual desires, while still getting a building with clear, column-free interior space. And all with an attractive design.

Strength and Durability
Think metal. Think durable. Ferro metal buildings are built to survive harsh weather conditions, long-term effects from the elements, and termites find them tasteless.

Low Maintenance
Ferro metal buildings have a beauty that lasts. Our long-life finishes mean years of carefree maintenance.

Energy Efficiency
Our structures are easily insulated with fiberglass or rigid board. Also, insulated panel systems, low profile roof options, and cool roof colors significantly reduce energy usage. We’re overachievers when it comes to decreasing heating and cooling costs.

Making them out of any metal isn’t good enough. We demand the best – high-grade metal – and premium components. Our buildings last.

Environmentally Friendly
Ferro metal buildings are produced from materials that are 99% recyclable. That’s our commitment to sustainable living for the future. It’s also a great big love letter to Mother Earth, who feels the same way about us, by the way.

Cost Savings
All together – the fast construction, incredible durability, carefree maintenance, and affordable customization to meet your visual and physical requirements – means Ferro metal buildings are your budget’s friend. Maybe your budget’s best friend.

Yes, it’s true. We are all of these things and a pretty face too.

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