What are Pre-Engineered Buildings Used For?

March 21, 2019

There are many advantages to constructing a pre-engineered building; their durability, customizability, and price tag are all excellent selling features. One of the biggest benefits of pre-engineered buildings is their versatility. At Ferro Building Systems, one of the biggest questions that we get asked is “What are pre-engineered buildings used for?” The answer to this question is that these buildings can be and have been used for almost anything.

Uses for Pre-Engineered Buildings

Pre-engineered buildings are among the most versatile structures available. They can be used for almost any purpose in almost any environment, and they offer security and durability that surpasses most other methods of building, making them ideal for industrial purposes. Pre-engineered buildings can be almost any size and shape, which means their uses are nearly unlimited.

Some of the most common uses for pre-engineered buildings include:

Agricultural Buildings

Whether you need space for livestock shelter, crop sorting and storage, crop growing, or even a large-scale milking operation, metal pre-engineered buildings have you covered.

Aviation and Transportation

Airport hangars, drydock storage, bus depots, and maintenance shops are all easily constructed by pre-engineered buildings. For added usability, look into incorporating an office area to your pre-engineered transportation building.

Commercial Centres

Pre-engineered buildings have been used for commercial purposes for ages. Whether it is an office complex, an industrial park, a manufacturing shop, or shopping centre, metal buildings have many commercial uses.

Government and Institutional Buildings

Many institutional and government buildings require the versatility and open space that comes with a pre-engineered structure. Training centres, maintenance facilities, pump stations, and public service facilities are often made from pre-engineered buildings.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial projects are among the most common uses for metal pre-engineered buildings. Manufacturing shops, energy plants, and nearly any other type of industrial facility imaginable will be designed and built from pre-engineered buildings.

Warehouses and Storage

Due to their immense size and open structure, warehouses are frequently pre-engineered buildings. Pre-engineered buildings are simple and quick to construct, and they are also cost-effective, which makes them a great candidate for business owners who have multiple storage facilities.

Waste Treatment Plants

Many centres for waste management use pre-engineered buildings for their ability to facilitate large open spaces and versatile designs. Examples include recycling centres, waste sorting facilities, and water treatment plants.

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