Equipment Needed to Erect a Steel Building

April 18, 2019

Pre-engineered metal buildings are incredibly useful in many applications due to their superior strength, versatility, and speed of construction. There is some basic equipment needed to erect a steel building quickly and, at Ferro Building Systems, we know that, with the right tools, constructing a pre-engineered steel building can go smoothly and efficiently.

The Best Tools for Pre-Engineered Metal Building Construction

Tools and equipment used to construct a metal building should always be of the highest quality to maximize project efficiency. When mediocre tools are used, projects can take longer to complete due to broken or malfunctioning equipment and poor tool performance. Steel building construction will require a large number of customary hand tools and, on top of these expected tools, a number of larger pieces of equipment will be needed. Some of the pieces of equipment required to construct a steel building include:

Telescopic Boom Lifts, Man Lifts, and Scissor Lifts

Telescopic booms, man lifts, and scissor lifts are necessary to safely hoist workers up to the higher levels at which the steel building is being constructed. Work done on these lifts can include placing siding, securing rafters, or fastening support beams. The reach of the man lifts needed will be dependent on the height of the metal building being constructed. Boom lifts are especially useful for their ability to reach past their wheel base and place a worker in hard-to-access spots.


Due to the heavy weights being placed when constructing a steel building, having a good crane onsite is an absolute necessity. The type of mobile crane needed will vary based on the terrain and size of the building. Cranes are used for placing and supporting elevated components of the building, such as rafters, beams, purlins, roof stanchions, and columns so that workers can safely fasten those pieces in place.


Telescopic handlers, or telehandlers, provide a method for transporting materials around the pre-engineered steel building jobsite as well as a method for hoisting heavy pieces of the building into place to be assembled. These pieces of equipment can be outfitted with a variety of attachments for the end of the telescoping boom, including forks, winches, or man buckets to enable them to accomplish a variety of tasks.

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