Pre-Engineered Steel Building Components

May 9, 2019

Building components diagram

Pre-engineered metal buildings can incorporate a variety of features and qualities to create a finished product that will be useful for many applications. At Ferro Building Systems, we design and produce structures that are completely optimized for the industry that they serve by implementing the right pre-engineered steel building components.

Components of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

There are a variety of features that can comprise a pre-engineered building. Some of these components are common to every pre-engineered building’s architecture, such as:

All of these features are vital to a pre-engineered building’s structural integrity and function. Other components can be added to improve the usability and appeal of the metal building. Some additional components that could improve the design of a pre-engineered steel building include:

Parapet Panels

Parapet panels can give a steel building a much more pleasing aesthetic. These panels incorporate glass, wood, stucco, brick, or stone in order to give the building a structural façade, which can help to increase the pre-engineered building’s property value. They can extend beyond the roofline and are especially useful when a building will have a storefront or other function that serves the public.


Whether they are used for storage, office space, retail floor space, or workshop space, mezzanines provide pre-engineered buildings with a valuable asset. In order to incorporate a mezzanine, the steel building must be designed with the ability to support the required load.

Insulated Panels

To improve the comfort and energy ratings of a building, insulated panels can be installed. These panels help to retain heat, making a new facility more energy efficient and saving money on heating and cooling and making the space more comfortable for staff.

Snow Guards

If a pre-engineered building is being constructed in a region with cold winters, it is worth installing snow guards. These metal building components keep large amounts of snow and ice from falling off the roof of a building and causing harm to any person or property below.


Many shops or warehouses could benefit from having a built-in overhead crane. With the right designs, pre-engineered steel buildings can be fabricated to include a crane that allows for the lifting and suspension of heavy loads.

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