How to Erect a Steel Building in Vancouver

May 23, 2019

Pre-engineered steel buildings are used for all kinds of projects all over the Vancouver area. Whether you are looking to build a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, a retail centre, or a school, knowing how to erect a steel building in Vancouver can help to ensure that your project goes smoothly and that construction is completed quickly. At Ferro Building Systems, we specialize in designing and constructing new steel buildings for clients all across BC.

Erecting a Steel Building in Vancouver

There are a couple of steps that should be taken to begin the process of erecting a steel building in the Vancouver area. To get started on your pre-engineered metal building project, make sure you follow these steps:

1.     Consult with Experts

Before breaking ground on your jobsite, speak with an expert in pre-engineered building construction, such as the knowledgeable engineers at Ferro Building Systems. These experts can help you to make decisions on the type and size of foundation that the building will need as well as provide useful tips on your specific steel building’s construction. They will be able to help with timeline prediction and provide information on any gaps in knowledge.

Experienced builders in a specific area will also know what administrative work will need to be done before getting started. At Ferro Building Systems, we know the kinds of permits that will need to be acquired in the Vancouver area to begin building.

2.     Lay the Foundation

The foundation of the pre-engineered building can be laid as soon as the dimensions for the steel building have been obtained. Make sure that all anchor bolt specs are in order before the foundation is poured. Getting the foundation right is one of the most important aspects of erecting a pre-engineered building so, unless you have experience with forming and pouring large-scale foundations, it is best to hire a Vancouver contractor for this portion of the job.

3.     Begin Framing

Once the materials have been delivered to your Vancouver jobsite, you can begin construction. All columns, rafters, purlins, and girts should be pre-cut and ready to be installed. Use a crane to place and bolt the heavier pieces first and then place the lighter pieces using manlifts. Make sure that all openings are framed properly according to the pre-engineered building designs.

4.     Install Sheeting

After framing is completed, you can begin installing the steel building’s wall and roof sheeting. Using the provided fasteners, begin screwing the wall panels into place. Use the provided weather stripping between the panels. If insulation was provided, install it at this time. Make sure that all safety standards are observed when securing roof panels in place.

5.     Finishing a Steel Building in Vancouver

The last steps that will be required to complete your pre-engineered steel building will depend on its function. Electrical work, aesthetic touch-ups, door and window installations, and interior accessories and preferences will vary and should be completed according to the guidance offered by the steel building manufacturer.

If you would like to find out more about how to erect a steel building in Vancouver, or to learn more about the services and products that we offer, please contact Ferro Building Systems at 604-530-3224 or fill out a contact form on our website.

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