Types of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

May 28, 2019

Pre-engineered buildings offer a wide variety of benefits and functions. Whether you are looking to use a metal building for warehouse, retail, industrial, agricultural, or institutional purposes, knowing the different types of pre-engineered metal buildings can help ensure you are getting the product most suited to your needs. At Ferro Building Systems, we design pre-engineered buildings that are optimized for any purpose by using a variety of metal framing systems.

Pre-Engineered Metal Building Frame Systems

Although there are similarities between the many components of different types of metal buildings, the frame systems are often unique. Each pre-engineered frame system is designed to suit a different purpose. Some of the common types of metal building frames include:

RF Systems

RF systems have the steepest roof pitch at 4:12 and have the highest centre clearance. These pre-engineered buildings come in widths from 30’ to 120’ and have a wide variety of uses.

LRF and LRFM Systems

Metal buildings with LRF systems can offer excellent clear span space of up to 160’ and, when columns are added, the LRFM system can reach a width of 500’. They have a shallow roof slope of 1:12 and are commonly used in offices, warehouses, and commercial and industrial buildings.

LP2 and LP4 Systems

If a pre-engineered metal building is going to be a shopping centre or house palletized storage, an LP2 or LP4 system is ideal. These metal building types can reach up to 500’ in width and provide plenty of clear span floor space by implementing jack beams, bar joists, and straight wall columns. They also offer the lowest roof slopes available.

GC Systems

GC frame systems are perfect for types of pre-engineered buildings that require simplicity in interior finishing due to their flush rafters, girts, and columns. They are ideal for institutional and office buildings.

LSS and SSF Systems

LSS and SSF metal building frames use single-sloped roofs to offer simplicity and versatility. They offer plenty of clear span floor space and single-side drainage, making them ideal for warehouses, manufacturing, and industrial facilities.

LT Systems

If a metal building requires an addition, the LT frame system is the way to go. This type of building uses a single-slope roof to create a kind of lean-to, which can improve a building’s space by 10’ to 60’. This type of pre-engineered building can adapt to nearly any roof slope.

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