Calgary Commercial Metal Storage Buildings

June 25, 2019

One of the most common uses for pre-engineered steel buildings is for commercial storage facilities. With a variety of options available for metal building customization, pre-engineered building systems are a fantastic way to optimize a storage structure’s space usage and efficiency. At Ferro Building Systems, we have been designing and engineering Calgary commercial metal storage buildings for years and we are able to ensure that our clients’ facilities perfectly suit their needs.

Commercial Metal Buildings for Calgary Storage

Whether the storage facility is a simple weather shelter, a secure warehouse with multiple bays, or a temperature sensitive food storage centre, getting the right options for your storage needs is important. Some reasons that metal buildings are the best option for Calgary storage facilities include:

High Levels of Customizability

Storage facilities can take all kinds of shapes and sizes in order to serve different needs. A metal building that stores building materials will have different requirements than a facility used to store food. Pre-engineered steel buildings are able to be customized to perfectly suit any storage requirements and they can be added to and altered after construction to adapt to new needs. If extra storage space is required, options are available for mezzanines or extensions and there are a variety of ways to customize the building for better temperature regulation.

Speedy Construction Times

Because metal storage buildings come pre-engineered and pre-fabricated, erection time is considerably less than that of other building methods. This is especially useful for Calgary storage facilities so that goods can be kept sheltered through cold winters.

Durability and Strength

In Calgary, it is necessary for buildings to be able to stand up to a variety of adverse weather conditions. Heavy snow and strong winds can take their toll on a building, which is why going with a strong steel structure for a storage building is a worthwhile investment. Pre-engineered metal buildings require little maintenance to be kept in great working condition, and this durability helps them to cost less than conventional building methods in the long run.

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