How to Select the RIGHT Metal Building Supplier

July 25, 2019

At Ferro, we want buyers in our industry to feel confident about their metal building purchase. When choosing a metal building supplier, we often recommend the following tips to our clients:

The devil is in the non-details. Make sure your metal building supplier asks a lot of questions when designing and pricing your metal building project. Too few questions and limited information on your quote will result in costly changes later.

The WHY is just as important (if not more) than price. Function of your building is critical to the design process. At Ferro we want to make sure your building is designed for your overall business needs. When a supplier understands function, they can suggest design approaches that help you achieve the metal building you want with economic solutions in mind. Make sure you supplier appreciates the WHY behind your building project.

Ask about energy code compliance. A good metal building supplier appreciates the challenges posed by the new energy codes in construction and how they apply to metal building construction. To keep the initially price as competitive as possible, some suppliers will avoid addressing this challenge and provide insulation that may not meet the energy compliance standard set by your municipality. At Ferro we will work with your design team to ensure energy compliance is factored so the right insulation solution is incorporated in your quote.

Foreign exchange is a reality in our business. Over 90% of metal buildings in Canada are manufactured in the United States. Make sure your quote includes freight, exchange and brokerage.

Steel is a commodity and subject to market fluctuations. How is your supplier protecting you from steel price increases and market fluctuations? Find out how long your price is valid and how your supplier mitigates fluctuating steel prices in the market.

Beware of deposit requests without a proper contract in place. Never provide a deposit without signing a contract that clearly lists building specifications, terms and conditions for your metal building order.

What does SERVICE look like after your building is placed on order? Once your building is placed on order, your supplier should be regularly communicating while you wait for your building to arrive. Ask about their service process and how they keep you updated along the way. Do they have a dedicated team of project coordinators, project managers and detailers assigned to your project? Do they provide a submittal schedule detailing your drawings and anchor bolt timelines? These are critical items that keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Is the RIGHT installation crew allocated to your project? Metal building installation requires special crews trained and certified in metal building installation. If your supplier is also installing the metal building, ask about the installation crew. How long have they work for your supplier? What is their safety rating? It is important the selected crew is well matched for the complexity of your project.

Quality-Control matters. Quality is influenced by the installation process. Ask your supplier how they manage quality. How frequent do they conduct inspections during the installation process and how are deficiencies communicated and addressed?

References are worth their weight in gold. Finally, always ask for LOCAL references to confirm your supplier’s capabilities and reputation in the industry. Having supplied and installed over 300+ metal building packages across Western Canada, we are often able to provide references and project locations within a few kilometers of your project.

At Ferro Building Systems Ltd. we understand today’s buyer is knowledgeable and want to have a CONFIDENT buying experience with no regrets. To learn a more about how we guarantee a positive metal building experience, call us at: 604-530-3224.

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