Keeping a Metal Building Warm in the Winter in Calgary

December 19, 2019

One of the most common misconceptions about pre-engineered metal buildings is that they are cold and inhospitable, and this makes them unsuitable for cities such as Calgary. This myth comes from the idea that metal buildings do not insulate well but, in reality, metal buildings can be just as warm and inviting as any other type of building when constructed properly. At Ferro Building Systems, we offer a wide range of different pre-engineered metal building products and services, and we know how to keep a metal building warm in the winter in Calgary.

How do Metal Buildings Stay Warm in Calgary Winters?

There are many different ways to finish a pre-engineered metal building, and each one will be suitable for different purposes. If the structure is going to be used to house offices, retail space, or even classrooms, the interior will likely be finished differently than if it is being used for warehousing or industrial purposes. In any case, a metal building can be insulated and heated similarly to any other building. Many of Calgary’s commercial and industrial buildings are made from pre-engineered metal structures, and people do not realize this because they are so comfortable on the inside.

Aside from conventional heating options, metal buildings are better equipped to use the sun for heat than any other type of metal building. Because metal conducts heat, it can be wise to place a pre-engineered metal building in an area free of shade so that the sun can shine on it and heat up the interior. This is especially good for Calgary’s winters, as Chinooks and sunny days frequently occur throughout winter and a metal building can use these as an advantage.

Ways to Heat a Metal Building in Calgary

For many metal buildings, it is best to have a full HVAC system installed to control temperatures in both winter and summer. Even if the facility is only being used for storage, the cold temperatures of Calgary’s winter can make it difficult to work in. If only select areas of a metal building are going to be used at any given time, space heaters can be an effective way of heating a space around a worker.

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