Parts of a Pre-Engineered Metal Building

February 20, 2020

Like any type of structure, pre-engineered metal buildings are composed of various structural elements that are integral to ensuring that they are architecturally sound. The core parts of a pre-engineered metal building are typically made of steel and other metals, but many components can be made of other materials to offer a different aesthetic or function. At Ferro Building Systems, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and constructing pre-engineered metal buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Pre-Engineered Metal Building Parts

Even in the simplest of pre-engineered metal buildings, there are parts that are absolutely necessary for the sake of the building’s structural integrity. Some of the main parts of a metal building include:

Columns and Rafters

Aside from the foundation, columns and rafters are the most important structural components of a pre-engineered metal building. Columns and rafters (or beams) make up the core skeleton of a steel building, making them incredibly important. These components are also the main part that determines whether or not the structure qualifies as being a pre-engineered metal building or not.


In most types of construction, decking materials are used to form the base layer of a roof. Purlins are used in place of plywood or OSB in order to create a webwork on which to lay roofing panels. Although they are sometimes used in other building methods, purlins are most frequently used in pre-engineered metal buildings.

Girts and Cross Bracing

Girts and cross bracing stretch horizontally between columns and they provide the framework for the building’s walls. Girts operate similarly to purlins and are used to provide wall panels with a bit of backbone to resist wind loads. Both purlins and girts are often referred to as sheeting rails when grouped together. Cross bracing provides additional structural support and runs from one corner of a column or beam to the opposite corner of an adjacent rafter or beam.

Roof and Wall Panels

In most pre-engineered metal buildings, the wall and roof are made composed of overlapping metal panels. These panels offer excellent durability and weather resistance, and they can be overlaid with other materials to create an aesthetic façade.

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