Erco Chemical Facility Expansion

Saskatoon, SK

Client’s Challenge

Erco needed to expand their 40 year old Chemical Production Facility. Their existing truck and rail loading systems were separate and open to the elements, affecting employees and efficiency. Aside from providing specialized chemical-resistant buildings, the challenge was coordinating project managers from three different companies in three different time zones while still keeping the plant operating. In addition, the engineering consultant discovered special platforms were needed within each building to facilitate loading. Halfway through, we were also asked to design structural steel around the HCL Tower when it was discovered the consulting engineers were unfamiliar with cladding installation.

Our Solution

We provided and installed two pre-engineered metal buildings, managed details and coordinated schedules to ensure a smooth installation process. The platforms we designed had to be attached to the building structural steel, which required reworking and modifications to certain components. We educated the consulting engineers on how to clad the HCL Tower with our insulated cladding and trims. We also provided the detailing and design of the respective cladding and trim. The project was completed to meet all requirements and the client was pleased with the final results.

Service Type: Supply and Install

The Truck and Rail loading buildings are two separate structures that increase the plant’s capacity to load and transport hazardous chemicals. The chemical resistant ‘Barrier Series’ coated material was mandated, since the facility already used it; it went on the 4” insulated roof and wall panels as well as associated trims. Other highlights included hot-dip galvanizing for all primary structural components, loading both buildings for suspended walkway platforms within the structures to monitor and connect the distribution equipment for loading the vessels with chemicals.

The Results

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