Pulp Mill Cogen Project

Quesnel, BC

This project located in Quesnel BC, had many details that made it both interesting and rewarding to achieve.  The pre-engineered metal building was loaded for a one time lift of a 75 ton load, which following its lift was de-rated down to a 25 Ton for use within the facility.  The primary structural steel in the building was completely painted and prepared using SSPC SP-3 specifications; as well as all the secondary steel being pre-galvanized, ensuring a long life and endurance to a multitude of environmental conditions.  Ferro managed most building sub-trades, from supply and install of a roof top walk-way, crane runway beams and rails, interior gutters and downspouts, to the supply and install of the man doors and overhead doors.  Further to the complexities noted above, the metal  building was also attached to the existing facility on one end-wall including enhanced trim and exterior cladding details.  The walls on this structure were a composite system, and the roof was our FTS (Ferro Thermal System) System, which utilizes thermal clips and hat channel to achieve an insulated roof system causing minimal thermal conductivity.

Service Type: Supply & Install

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