CSS Training Center

Petewawa ON

This Combat Service Support (CSS) training building was built for the Department of National Defense. The building has galvanized structural and secondary framing for rust and corrosion purposes. Situated in Petawawa, Ontario this building is subject to severe winters which called for special considerations in the design process.  Along with a Standing Seam Roof and corrugated exterior wall panels, this structure has a composite roof and wall system which allowed for a much higher insulated value. This was achieved by “sandwiching” the fiber insulation between the exterior wall panels and interior, full height, liner pane. The liner panels were also used as a vapour retarder by having each interior panel caulked and sealed to each other, eliminating the need for an extra polyethylene barrier. As a safety measure,  snow guards were also installed on the eaves to prevent ice build-up from slipping off the roof.

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